ATX United competes in AMSA

What is AMSA? Where & when are the games? Et cetera.


In the 2017/2018 season ATX United has 8 teams competing in AMSA: Premier Division, Division 1, 2, 3, 4, Over 30 Premier, Over 30B, Over 40A.

What is AMSA?

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association (AMSA) is the primary amateur men’s soccer league and one of the largest leagues in Texas with over 3000 registered players and more than 140 teams.

The majority of AMSA’s games are played on Sundays at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex (OCSC); however, additional games are played at Travis County fields.

How many divisions in AMSA?

There are seven open divisions: Premier, Division 1 – Division 6. Three Over 30 divisions, plus two Over 40 divisions and one Over 50 division. Most of the divisions have 10 teams. 

In 2017/18 ATX United has 8 teams in AMSA: Premier division, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4, Over 30 Premier, Over 30B, Over 40A. ATX United has two Coed teams outside of AMSA.

When & where are AMSA games?

The games are always played on Sundays. Kick off is between 8am and 4pm.

Four to seven games per season are played at Onion Creek Soccer Complex. The remaining number of games are played at Travis County fields – either at NEMP or EMP.

Fall Round starts in September. Spring Round kicks off in February.

ATX United generally organizes its practices at Zilker Park.

Does AMSA have Promotion/Relegation?

Nine games are played in the Fall Round and nine return games in the Spring Round. These 18 games determine the league standings.

At the end of the Spring Round the top two teams of each league win promotion and the bottom two are relegated for the next season. 

AMSA does not have promotion/relegation mid-season.

What are the rules in AMSA?

The games are refereed by one official referee and two official linesmen*; FIFA’s Laws of the Game apply. The games are 90 minutes (2×45), with a 15 minute break. There is no limit to making substitutions.

*Each team in AMSA pays the three officials $55 (25+15+15) before kick off.  In case of a 2-person crew $40 per team. In case of only 1 Center Ref $30 per team.

What are the AMSA costs?

AMSA’s fees are as follows: 

  • Player registration: $40 per player 
  • Team registration: $600 per team
  • Referee fees: $55 per team per game

ATX United members pay $40 for player registration and $72 per season to cover the team registration fees & referee fees and other costs incl. $2 laundry money. See

How do I join ATX United?

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