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What are the fees?



  • $117 total: $77 + $40. Link: 
  • $77 for AMSA Fall season Men’s Soccer. 
  • And $40 for your Player Card (this is covers Fall+Spring**, and due for AMSA)

    ** It covers ‘Fall 2019+Spring 2020’. It does not cover ‘Spring 2019+Fall 2020’.

ACSA Coed:

  • Pay $40 (per team) if you plan on playing Coed soccer
  • Pay an additional $20 for your Player Card (this is once a year, and only for Coed)



  • Pay $77 for AMSA Spring season Men’s Soccer. Link:
  • Player Cards from the Fall season are still valid for Spring season
  • New players ( =not registered for 2019 Fall season) pay an additional $40 for their AMSA player card. Link:

ACSA Coed:

  • Pay $40 (per team) if you plan on playing Coed soccer
  • Player cards from the Fall season are still valid for the Spring season

Fees explained

$77 ATX United Season Fee & $40 AMSA Player Registration Fee:

  • $600 team registration fee -> $600 + $200 goes to AMSA
  • $65 per game for ref fees -> $65 goes to referee & linesman
  • $2 laundry money & other expenses -> this goes to each team’s captain to compensate their designated laundry-person for expenses
  • $40 AMSA Player Registration -> $40 goes to AMSA
  • Other expenses, ie.: outfits, portable goals, soccer balls, futsal balls, pumps, pinnies, cones, merchandise, measure tape, stopwatches, bench, markers, tape, capt bands, brooms, storage room, etc. 

ATX United does not make a profit.

Per AMSA: The player registration is based on the FIFA year, not the calendar year. The 2019/20 player registration is valid from the beginning of the Fall 2019 round through the end of the Summer 2020 season. Your Spring 2019 is not valid for Fall 2019.

Players can only play for one team per division.