ATX United FC

The brightest soccer club in Texas.

El Presidente > Club > Team > Player

J/K. No one is bigger than our club. Not even our presidente.

Advanced Techniques

We don’t like to brag about it but we use advanced techniques both on and off the field. Slack, WordPress, GMail, la croqueta, back-heel passes, and many many nutmegs.

Teamwork & Community

At ATX United you are not just a player. You are a team-member, a friend, a bro. You are part of an amazing community of 400+ soccer lovers.

Helping soccer grow, and players succeed.

10 of our teams have won at least one promotion or championship. Stats, facts, awards, numbers, more stats. Pretty boring stuff. Let’s play soccer.


Fair Play Awards


Goals scored




Happy players

Become part of the next generation of soccer

To read history or to write history.

Beautiful technique with modern tactics

Johan Cruijff? Check. Roberto De Zerbi? Check. Erik ten Hag? Check. Marcelo Bielsa? Check. Gregg Berhalter? Skip. Pep Guardiola? Check.
At ATX United FC we sprinkle your beautiful technique with our modern tactics. A winning combo.

Empowering your ambitions

Ambitions, aspirations, personal goals. You have them, ATX United provides the platform and tools to turn them into reality.

Taking you to the next level

We have the best hats, the biggest hats of all of Texas. Nothing comes close. Yet another reason to join our club.

Beyond reasonable fees

Unreasonably cheap: about ~$10 per game and there’s no catch. $40 goes to the soccer league, $160 goes to ATX United to cover all season expenses for the a full season of league soccer. Or, if you want to pay for only half a season: $40 goes to AMSA, $90 goes to ATXU to cover expenses. See below.

Player Registration


AMSA Player Registration

Covers 2024 Fall round eligibility

Covers 2025 Spring round eligibility

Covers 2025 Summer league eligibility

Eligible for one team in one division



Half Season Registration

Pays for 2024 Fall team fees

Pays for 2024 Fall referee fees

Pays for team jerseys

Pays for equipment

Access to club practices



Full season registration

Pays for 2024/25 season referee fees

Pays for 2024/25 season team fees

Pays for team jerseys

Pays for equipment

Access to club practices

Reviews from Players

We interviewed some people. This is what they had to say.

“Once you’ve joined ATX United you understand why so many Californians move to Austin. Hands down best thing in America and Canada. I love this club.”

— Ali from Algeria, Player

“ATX United FC, simply the toughest opponent I’ve ever played against. And they’re really nice people.”

— Jason from WA, Opponent

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