ATX United Green/D2 wins promotion



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ATX United Gold and ATX United Red will play in AMSA Premier Division again in Fall 2019/Spring 2020.

ATX United Green competing in AMSA Division 2 has won promotion and will compete in AMSA Division 1 in the 2019/2020 season.

ATX United White also competing in AMSA Division 2 remains in second spot which would ensure they will also move up to AMSA Division 1.

ATX United Black will play for 2nd place this Sunday 5/19 in AMSA Division 3.

With a 6-0 win over the first placed team ATX United Purple has now taken 1st place with three games remaining in AMSA Division 4. [Edit: Purple has dropped to 2nd place but secured promotion to Division 3]

In AMSA Over 30B Division ATX United Yellow has moved up a few spots and now find themselves in 2nd place with three games remaining.