ATX UNITED FC: 'Introduction'

-Updated: June 2019-

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  • §1 – ATX United
  • §2 – AMSA
  • §3 – Venues
  • §4 – Practice
  • §5 – Communication
  • §6 – Fees
  • §7 – Payment methods

§1 – ATX United FC

# Organisation

ATX United was established in 2008. We are a non-profit organisation since 2017. We are competitive, but we value a good atmosphere and sense of community off-the-field. 

# Teams

In 2019/20 ATX United has 11 teams in AMSA: two teams in Premier Division, two in Division 1, one in Division 2, one in Division 3, two in Over 30 Premier, one in Over 30A, one in Over 30B and one in Over 40B. ATX United has two Coed teams in Austin COED Soccer Association (ACSA).

# Outfit

We play in red-white hoops, black shorts, and yellow socks. Crest: we wear the bats of Austin, TX on our chests.

The jerseys are provided by the club. Players bring their own shorts and socks.

§2 – Austin Men's Soccer Association (AMSA)

# Games

FIFA’s Laws of the Game apply to all AMSA games. The games are refereed by at least one official referee and often two official linesmen.

AMSA league games are always played on Sundays. Kick off is between 8am and 4pm.

Fall Round starts in September. Spring Round kicks off in February.

# Divisions

There are seven open divisions: Premier, Division 1 – Division 6. Three Over 30 divisions, plus two Over 40 divisions and one Over 50 division. Most of the divisions have 10 teams.

# Promotion/relegation

Nine games are played in the Fall Round and nine return games in the Spring Round. These 18 games determine the league standings.

At the end of the Spring Round the top two teams of each league win promotion and the bottom two are relegated for the next season. 

§3 – Venues

Four to seven league games per season are played at Onion Creek Soccer Complex. The other games are played at either at EMP or NEMP.
During the off-season we practice at Zilker Park. 

§4 –Practice

# Practice

We practice once or twice a week. Practices are not mandatory. Most of our practices are organized at Zilker Park.

# Super Soccer Sunday

During the off-season we practice at Zilker Park every Sunday morning: ‘Super Soccer Sunday’. These practices are club-wide. We invite many guest players.

§5 – Communication

# Slack

We use our Slack channels team communication & RSVP’s, all club communication, events, announcements, help requests and so on. We are migrating from Groupme and Facebook to Slack.

Slack »
# GroupMe

Some of our teams are still using GroupMe for RSVP’s, team communication, events and announcements. Some of our teams prefer Facebook groups or Messenger. We are migrating all of our teams from GroupMe to Slack.

GroupMe »
# Facebook (public page)

Our public Facebook page is for club announcements, events and news that not only concerns our members but also our supporters, sponsors and anyone else interested in ATX United.

Facebook (public page) »

§6 – Fees

# Fees explained

AMSA requires each player to buy a $40 AMSA Player Card. The Player Card is valid for 1 year from Fall to Spring; and not valid from Spring to Fall. 

ATX United’s member fees are $77 to cover expenses including team registration, referee fees, material and $2 for laundry.

# Fall Fees

* All players: $40 + $77
AMSA Player Card $40,
AMSA team registration & expenses $77.

# Spring Fees

* New players: $40 + $77
AMSA Player Card $ 40,
AMSA team registration & expenses $77.

* Returning players: $77
AMSA team registration & expenses $77.

§7 – Payments

# PayPal

We accept PayPal and it is our preferred method of payment. 

PayPal »
# Venmo

We accept Venmo. Our Venmo handle is @atxunited 

Venmo »
# Square

At events we accept card payments with our Square reader.
And online you can pay via:$atxunited »